Additional Web Services


Obviously at our amazing prices we can’t continue to work, edit and amend for free. Prior to publishing we ask for all content, title and menu headings you want on the site
We give you complete administration access so you can add pages, change posts, delete posts yourself. If you do need extra help / support we are also available for this and our pricings are:

  • Additional changes, support or alterations once published £29.99 for the first hour and £28 per hour after

  • .com domain name transfers are available but cost £8 extra
    .com domain transfer:
  • New domain names and transfers are available and quicker than .com, but cost £7.50, which will last for two years. Remember if you are ordering an Advanced Package then a domain name is included for free: domain name:
  • our hosting packages are FREE for the first 12 months, but then cost £29 per annum thereafter. You can renew your hosting plan for either 1 or 2 years and save 33%

  • domain names which we provide are FREE for two years on all £79.99 packages. The renewal costs are every two years and cost £7.50 for two years for a domain and £9.99 for a .com domain name. Other domain names (.org etc) prices may vary.

  • On Site Training. We can offer on site training if you prefer, so if you do feel overwhelmed once you have the site then we can come and spend some time with you to get used to your new content management system. We charged just £38 for the first hour and £30 an hour after. We believe within two hours we can show you everything you need to know and offer hints, tips and tricks to help you make the most of your site.
    Decide how many hours you like or contact us to discuss. You can still order training AFTER the site is done if you feel you need it
    Order Training today

  • Product Photography. If you have products you would like us to use our professional equipment we can visit you and photograph your products for inclusion on your website. We have a variety of professional lenses to get the very best angles and profiles of your products to make them stand out
    Order Product Photography Today

  • Video Content on your Website. We can visit and record message or film a tour of your store or whatever else you would like to advertise on your site. OUr video services are all recorded in high definition and are then rendered with titles and professionally edited. We then add this content to your site so users can view this content on their site
    Order Video Production

  • Maintenance Module. Maintenance on any site is an important factor and we would consider it imperative for any site owner. Whether its a major corporation like Sony or Amazon or Government sites like the CIA everyone is at risk of being hacked or having their website vandalised by someone with the time and skills to do so. What Maintenance Module will do for you is help ensure you are as prepared as possible. Maintenance includes
    – a sweep of your hosting to ensure no nasty files are lurking ready to hijack your files.
    – your site has the latest version of the files on your site so any vulnerabilities have been detected and replaced.
    – a scan to ensure  nothing it lurking that could potentially cause damage to your site
    – Three packages we do a basic maintenance procedure which we recommend is carried out bi-monthly at the least. we offer another version which installs a backup system so your files are retrievable if the worst was to happen. We also offer a repair service if the worst happens and you want to get your site back to where it was
    Order Maintenance Module

Want to take it to the Next level?
We can add an all singing all dancing e-commerce facility to your site, which include stock control image uploading and the ability to accept payments., adjust settings, create variables, have sales and have products interact directly with Google… Click here for our Advanced eCommerce Solution.