Whats this search engine optimisation all about??

The many ways we can make your site a success & turn clicks on a website into £’s

“Whatever your budget see what we can do for you and your business success. We have a proven success rate and can show examples of one of our sites reaching 1 milion visitors within its first month online and a top google rating.”

Search Engine Optimization

Top search engine rankings is what you can expect from our work. With a proven track record, combined with ethical optimisation methods and competitive prices you can be confident when choosing us as your search engine optimisation consultants. We have 10 years experience in all areas of search engine optimisation; keyword research, website optimization, manual submissions, quality link building and Internet marketing. Our bespoke SEO services and flexible pricing structures are ideal for large companies, small business start-ups and individuals.Operational in London UK since 1999, we have provided web design and search engine optimization services to companies large and small throughout the UK, Ireland, NI, Spain, Cyprus, Turkey and Australia. Our client’s high search engine rankings have resulted in;

  • increase in website visitors of between 500% – 10,000%
  • increase in sales of over 1000%
  • UK companies exporting internationally within 3 months
  • Client rankings and references available on request.

Web Design

Our UK web design services focus on clean looking, fast loading, websites with intuitive navigation and layout that enables the visitor to find what he or she is looking for quickly and easily. Our competitive web design, hosting and domain registration prices cater for the individual and small UK business through to large companies with expanding requirements.

Website Optimization

With a proven track record in ethical website optimization our competitive prices make us an affordable choice for all your website optimization, usability and Internet marketing needs. We target UK, European, international and industry specific search engines with significant success on the three majors; Google, Yahoo & MSN.

Link Building

After website optimisation, link building is the next most important factor in achieving a good level of search engine optimisation and achieving those top search engine rankings. No mater how well a website is optimised it will not rank high for competitive search terms without good quality inbound links.

Top Search Engine Rankings

Almost all websites are capable of achieving top search engine rankings for relevant search terms. Achieving them or not is ultimately decided upon by the follow main factors;

  • how flexible you can be with your web design, structure, layout and copy
  • your time frame your budget

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first stage in any website optimisation or search engine optimisation campaign.

It is paramount to the success of your website in attracting new customers that it gains top rankings, not just for the most popular but also the most relevant search terms.

It’s common sense really, if your website offers a product or service that the searcher is specifically looking for you will have a much higher conversion rate.

Our keyword research covers Google, Yahoo, MSN and Overture.

The amount of keyword research varies from one site to the next i.e; you might have one product or service only or you may have hundreds of areas to be researched.

Website Optimization

No two website optimization projects are the same as there are many factors which influence the level of optimization work required on an existing website. Some of these factors are:

  • have you employed search engine optimization services in the past?
  • has the previous SEO or webmaster used any Spam techniques?
  • how has the website been designed?
  • is the website in frames or Flash?
  • is the website CMS or database driven?
  • has keyword text been produced as graphics?
  • how many pages are there?
  • how has the website navigation been constructed?
  • does the website have existing valuable links?
  • how competitive are your target keywords?
  • how many keywords do you wish to target?
  • how new/old is the website?
  • what are your expectations, time frame and budget?

On looking at your existing website we will be able to answer many of these questions ourselves, combine this with a short email or telephone conversation and we will be able to provide you with an accurate quote broken down to cover all the different website optimization elements and options to suit your budget.

If your website is new and in development this is the best time to consult an SEO regarding website optimization
as many important elements need to be incorporated at the design stage.
Changing these later would, of course, incur further unnecessary costs.

» please contact us for an accurate quote.

Search Engine Marketing

The term Search Engine Marketing (SEM) covers a number of areas;-

  • Website Design
  • Copywriting
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • PPC (pay-per-click) Advertising
  • Pay for & Free Website Listings
  • Pay for & Free Directory Listings
  • Banner Advertising
  • Press Releases
  • Industry Articles
  • Free Information & Downloads
  • Employment Opportunities & Advice
  • Quality Link and Link Partner Building
  • Statistical Tracking
  • ROI Analysis

We can offer companies, large and small, all of the forgoing search engine marketing services. Your Internet marketing campaign can be specific to the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA or Worldwide.

Link Building

Link building is a major element in the success of your search engine optimisation project.

Good quality link building is not only essential in achieving the initial top search engine rankings, it effects the long term reputation and success of your website.


One link can be the death of a website!

Just one outbound link from your website to a ‘bad neighbourhood’ can be enough to get your website penalised by the major search engines. ‘Bad neighbourhoods’ are not as easy to spot as you might think, it can be as simple as linking to another legitimate company website who has innocently tripped a Spam filter and may not be aware that their site is being penalised.

A handful of good quality links can be the making or breaking of a website

Although, (in addition to website optimisation), a few good inbound links can be enough to get a website top search engine rankings, good quality links are hard to come by.

It is easy to get low quality links, however, these have little or no value at all. Finding and agreeing high quality links and link exchanges is a very time consuming process but worth the time spent. ie; one very good link is better than 20 low quality links. There are over 17 factors that we take into consideration when determining the value of a link or link exchange.

Link Building Services

Our link building services are mainly offered to our website optimisation clients only, however, if your website is already well optimised we will be pleased to quote for your link building campaign.

Our link building service includes submission to all the major directories via their free submit route. Listings in pay for directories like Yahoo are optional.

Please note: despite what you may read on many websites, you do not need to submit your website to the search engines.

Prices range from £500 – £3000

Search Engine Optimisation Reports

SEO written reports offer in-depth advice on how to optimise and promote your website.

(Should you not have the skills in-house to make the necessary changes we will suggest the most cost effective solution for you).

The SEO report will be written specifically for your website and will contain detailed instructions on the following

  • current keyword analysis and research
  • current ranking report
  • structural and/or navigation changes required
  • suggestions for better copy layout and the inclusion of target search terms
  • how to improve Page Titles
  • how to improve Page Descriptions
  • how to improve Keywords tags
  • details of directories and how best to submit to them
  • how to increase your link popularity
    any other relevant information

Prices £150 – £750 depending upon the level of work required.
Includes three support telephone calls or emails.

Reporting Tools

we have a wealth of reporting tools that are available which we can demonstrate

Why Choose us

  • operational since 1996
  • contactable by clients 7 days a week
  • competitive prices – call us last thats how confident we are
  • ethical SEO services
  • Friendly and approachable staff
  • proven track record with client references available
  • existing clients offered exclusivity within their business area
  • all business areas covered
  • offices central to the M1


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