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Last year, the European Union passed new online privacy regulations that stated all websites across the EU must obtain users permission before storing cookies. Previous laws relating to online privacy stated that website owners must tell people how they used cookies, and explain how to ‘opt out’ if users wanted to do so. However, new rules say that cookies can only be placed on machines where the user or subscriber has given their consent. The only exception to the new rule is for ‘strictly necessary’ cases, such as remembering what a customer added to their shopping cart after they have hit ‘proceed to check out.’

if you have an existing website and want to ensure you are legally compliant then please get in touch as we would be happy to help. We can make your site compliant for the best price

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St Josephs School – New Website Progress

As we await final documents needed to bring the site to launch date, I thought it was time to give a case study into our thoughts into building the website for the school.

From the outset it was clear that this will be a site with a lot of documents and the need to be able to edit those.
We have created a website which sits nicely with the blue and yellow colour scheme for the school, but also gives the functionality needed for document control with the layout being completed in a structured way so information is easy to find.

The site will have multiple log ins (all secured by double-pass back end security) to enable administrative assistants, teachers and pupils alike the tiered access to enable them to control their pages and posts as and when they need.

Overall the site will give the school the chance to cascade information and messages as quickly as possible to the outside world.

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 New For 2012 Bargain Web Design Packages

As we go into the new year we are offering two special WEB SITE packages, which will allow you to get your website up and running
Are you a website owner struggling to update and manage your website? Do the recurring fees of a web programmer create a hole in your pocket? We have a solution for you… WordPress! Why WordPress? Because it is the best Content Management Systems (CMS) there is! CMS systems allow YOU to take control and add, create, edit and delete content when you want without being reliant on us

Our website is a good example of a WordPress setup. Using WordPress as a Content Management Systems helps you easily create, manage, and update your website with just a touch of a button. While installing the basic WordPress core files is an easy task; securing and configuring the essential settings and plugins to maximize its full potential takes time to do. Our years of experience in installing, configuring and customizing web sites like WordPress blogs can save you time and effort while you can focus on your business.

Let us do the dirty job for you and avail of our cost-effective installation packages.

Read through the various options, or contact us to help you go through them and click the items you would like to order starting with either the Basic or Advanced Package. The Advanced package includes the domain name so you don’t need to add that item to cart as we waive the fee.
All Hosting charges are FREE for the first 12 Months as well, so again you don’t need to choose hosting at this stage

WordPress Setup Basic Starter Package

  1. Complete WordPress Installation
  2. FREE 12 MONTHS WEBSITE HOSTING (worth £29.99)
  3. FREE email address (accessable on an iPhone or an Android mobile phone).
  4. Configure Permalinks and optimize blog for Search Engine Ranking
  5. Install TWITTER and FACEBOOK onto your website so when you post it appears on your site
  6. Automate Daily backups
  7. Setup a Contact form with CAPTCHA for spam protection
  8. Setup basic DOUBLE PASS security
  9. Install Your Theme of Choice (if you have one, or we can make recommendations).
  10. Submit blog to Google, Yahoo and other major search engines
  11. CHOOSE a COLOUR SCHEME and we will install a THEME for you
  12. Admin Panel for you to log in and instructions on how to download the iPhone app so you can update from an iPhone or an iPad and keep your site updated on the move

Basic Package Price: £49.99   

WordPress Setup Advanced Package

  1. Complete WordPress Installation
  2. FREE DOMAIN NAME (worth £7.50)
  3. FREE 12 MONTHS WEBSITE HOSTING (worth £29.99)
  4. FREE email address (accessable on an iPhone or an Android mobile phone).
  5. Configure Permalinks and optimize blog for Search Engine Ranking
  6. Install TWITTER and FACEBOOK onto your website so when you post it appears on your site
  7. Automate Daily backups
  8. Setup a Contact form with CAPTCHA for spam protection
  9. Setup basic WordPress security
  10. Install Your Theme of Choice
  11. Submit blog to Google, Yahoo and other major search engines.
  12. Admin Panel for you to log in and instructions on how to download the iPhone app so you can update from an iPhone or an iPad and keep your site updated on the move
  13. PLUS:
  14. CUSTOMISED HEADER ADDED TO YOUR SITE > your own logos accepted.
  17. PAYMENT INTEGRATION ADDED TO YOUR SITE >>>>> SO YOU CAN ADD PRODUCTS AND TAKE MONEY BY PAYPAL! Turning your site into an ecommerce website (3 Products Maximum). If you need more than three products we can offer different solutions tailored to your needs and build a proper stock management control system as well, details and pricings below
    Advanced Package Price: £79.99


If you would like to have additional products on your site you can order that here. 3 Products/Services come as standard
Order additional products here:

If you require more than 16 Additional Products or the ability to manage stock, we recommend a more tailored ecommerce solution which gives stock management and lots more features. Click here for our Advanced eCommerce Solution.


Obviously at our amazing prices we can’t continue to work, edit and amend for free. Prior to publishing we ask for all content, title and menu headings you want on the site
We give you complete administration access so you can add pages, change posts, delete posts yourself. If you do need extra help / support we are also available for this and our pricings are:

  • Additional changes, support or alterations once published £29.99 for the first hour and £28 per hour after

  • .com domain name transfers are available but cost £8 extra
    .com domain transfer:
  • New domain names and transfers are available and quicker than .com, but cost £7.50, which will last for two years. Remember if you are ordering an Advanced Package then a domain name is included for free: domain name:
  • our hosting packages are FREE for the first 12 months, but then cost £29 per annum thereafter. You can renew your hosting plan for either 1 or 2 years and save 33%

  • domain names which we provide are FREE for two years on all £79.99 packages. The renewal costs are every two years and cost £7.50 for two years for a domain and £9.99 for a .com domain name. Other domain names (.org etc) prices may vary.

  • On Site Training. We can offer on site training if you prefer, so if you do feel overwhelmed once you have the site then we can come and spend some time with you to get used to your new content management system. We charged just £38 for the first hour and £30 an hour after. We believe within two hours we can show you everything you need to know and offer hints, tips and tricks to help you make the most of your site.
    Decide how many hours you like or contact us to discuss. You can still order training AFTER the site is done if you feel you need it
    Order Training today

Want to take it to the Next level?
We can add an all singing all dancing e-commerce facility to your site, which include stock control image uploading and the ability to accept payments., adjust settings, create variables, have sales and have products interact directly with Google… Click here for our Advanced eCommerce Solution.


Rare Vinyl ecommerce Site update

Two of our most favourite things are Search Engine Optimisation and ecommerce. Combine the two and you have a website which will incur a great income and profile on the internet.

A great example of this is rare vinyl and compact discs is back online.

A site we developed to withhold thousands of products was taken offline last month as we responded to a much needed update

The site is back online and our client is happy. Google Shopping results show ALL of his products in the search engines individually:

As you can see from the photograph below a quick search shows all 210 Products INDIVIDUALLY placed into the search engine.


If you have a website that you would like a full content management system behind then let us know as we have several tailor made ways to sell online and give you an income to an existing business or help you start a new one.

Dan Reeds website updated

Dan Reed Network were massive in the late 80s to early 90s and we were huge fans. we never believed he would reply when we expressed our appreciation 20 years later and we are now building a site and forum for Dan, which has just been updated after a short break

The new site includes some of Dan’s plans for 2012 and if you haven’t bought the Coming Up For Air album then you need to hear it….. now !!


Dan Reed Music - website celebrating the music of dan Reed

Another New site

Very pleased to announce another site to our stable:

Andrew Scott Fitness Training, Andrew contacted us probably less than a week ago and we built his site inside that time, its uploaded, working and is already appearing at top in search area from over 20 Million search results

This is the start of our SEO work, in a few weeks we will revisit and see how the site is performing within Google as it indexes more pages of his website.

I hugely endorse Andrew’s services, you can see from his qualifications and videos (and his enthusiasm) he knows his stuff so if you are wanting someone to help you get the right fitness program than please feel free to get in touch….

Many Thanks Andrew!

Andrew Scott Fitness training website online under a week and in google