Maintenance Modules added

Maintenance Modules.

Maintenance on any site is an important factor and we would consider it imperative for any site owner. Whether its a major corporation like Sony or Amazon or Government sites like the CIA everyone is at risk of being hacked or having their website vandalised by someone with the time and skills to do so. What Maintenance Module will do for you is help ensure you are as prepared as possible. Maintenance includes
– a sweep of your hosting to ensure no nasty files are lurking ready to hijack your files.
– your site has the latest version of the files on your site so any vulnerabilities have been detected and replaced.
– a scan to ensure  nothing it lurking that could potentially cause damage to your site
– Three packages we do a basic maintenance procedure which we recommend is carried out bi-monthly at the least. we offer another version which installs a backup system so your files are retrievable if the worst was to happen. We also offer a repair service if the worst happens and you want to get your site back to where it was

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Why do I need a maintenance module?
If you own a website you need to ensure you have the tools in place to make life easier for your site to be kept up to date

Aren’t your sites secure?
EVERY website is at risk of being hacked and sadly thats a fact. The best thing you can do is ensure you have the tools in place to ensure you can fight against this should it occur