About Us


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We started 20 years ago in the Print Industry publishing our own magazines for major record companies as well as managing promotional campaigns for celebrities and new album releases. As print was becoming more and more redundant with the advance of the web, we established our first network connection back at the tail end of 1993 and haven’t looked back. We have seen the boom and bust of the internet – and survived it enabling to pass on our wealth of knowledge and experience onto our clients.

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Our ethos has always been about mass market web sites and excellent customer service. As we move into new web formats and in particular the success of smart phones we think its important to be able to access content on a multitude of devices without restrictions. Our staff spent some time after the boom and bust of the Internet and realised that there are a lot of companies who are using the Internet to make a quick buck, without their clients interests at heart. This is where we differ. We want to give you the power and autonomy and power you to succeed. We love small business and know that the way we work will help establish your web presence and our advice will give you a quick way to online success.

The Future

To go forward we believe its important to look back. We worked on internet projects before and can remember the Internet before Google, before Facebook and before eBay. This is our strength, we can advise you on how to create and leave an indelible impression on the web. With an extensive marketing background (we are IDM institute of direct marketing trained) we are experts in ensuring you are given the best advice to help you succeed, whether its selling products to creating a profile to compete within your business area.

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